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I wanted to let you know that the 5 tests I purchased helped an awful lot in my test prep. I took the test yesterday and scored a 83%."

Robert Salek
New York, USA
April 11, 2005

PMP Tips
  • Try to form a study group - it will hold you accountable (i.e. you have to show up for study time), it reduces tendency to procrastinate, if a member does not understand a concept or issue, the others can help simplify it.

  • Create a critical information binder, place a copy of our formulae brain dump, notes, print outs, the PMBOK pages, and the results of all of your tests to track your progress. Here at PMTest.com, we are keeping track of your test results to see the progress pattern. Also see the graphical view of your progress. At the moment passing score is 70% to gain the Green Status.

  • have a specific plan to complete certain chapter(s) on certain days, this helped us stay on track.

  • Study every single day, no excuses… approx 3 hrs weekdays and Sat. and Sun. 6 to 8. we know this schedule sounds very demanding but it worked for many. This way you can have your certification in one month.

  • Read the PMBOK in its entirety, at least twice.

  • Took our practice tests three to four times and could see the marked improvement in the scores.


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